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Kids Thanksgiving Bundle - Games and Activities for Children to Enjoy!

Kids Thanksgiving Bundle - Games and Activities for Children to Enjoy!

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This Thanksgiving enjoy some new family traditions with your children. This bundle includes our most popular Thanksgiving items for kids - from daily gratitude prompts, plenty of activity ideas, conversation cards to chat about over dinner or a family dice game. These wholesome activities are fun, inclusive, help the practice of daily gratitude and promote good times! So - are you ready to play?

Items included are :

- 30 Days of Thanks Cards (30 cards)
- Thanksgiving Activity Cards (48 cards)
- Thanksgiving Dice Games (2 games - Gratitude Dice Game and Rolling Thanksgiving)
- Thanksgiving Conversation Cards (104 cards)

More details on each item :


Help your children practice gratitude and celebrate Thanksgiving with these 30 Days of Thanks cards. A variety of questions to prompt conversation, have your children record their answer each day and keep the cards as a visual reminder of all there is to be grateful for in life.


Keep your children busy during the Thanksgiving period with activity cards that help them practice gratitude, celebrate Thanksgiving and perform good deeds. Pop the cards in a jar and draw one, or two, each day.


This Thanksgiving play our gratitude dice game, a fun way for children to engage and think about what they are grateful for. Take it in turns to roll two standard six sided dice and complete the questions, you can re-roll each dice twice. First to complete all questions wins!


Playing is easy, all you need is one standard six sided dice. Take it in turns to roll the dice. Shade or colour in a symbol below the number you have rolled. First to reach all the stars at the end is the winner.


These Thanksgiving conversation cards offer fun questions, gratitude prompts and meaningful discussions for the family. The perfect way to bring some fun to your thanksgiving celebrations, promote participation and strengthen connections for the whole family. Perfect for the dinner table, a family reunion and more.

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