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Kids Halloween Party Game Bundle - Fun Trick or Treat Alternatives!

Kids Halloween Party Game Bundle - Fun Trick or Treat Alternatives!

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This Halloween settle in for a fun night of games and spooky silliness with our Halloween game bundle for children! The games are easy to learn, quick to play and perfect for parties! Included is a bundle of four of our popular Halloween games for kids - from Monster Friendly Feud, Truth or Scare, Dracula says - a Simon-says style party game - and Roll a Monster. Perfect for a Trick-or-Treat alternative or for a fun Halloween party at home. Purchase, print and play in minutes.

Games included are :

- Monster Feud
- Halloween Truth or Scare
- Dracula Says
- Roll a Monster


This spooky season download and print out these cards for a fun game of Halloween Truth or Scare, the game for kids and families of all ages. The rules are loose - play for fun, rather than points. The player who the group decides has the spookiest costume should start; they must decide to play either a truth or a scare card and draw one from the corresponding bag without looking. Take it in turns to draw a card until everyone has had the opportunity to play 5 cards each. Enjoying yourself? Great, keep playing!

Choose a player to be Dracula and give them the bowl, or bag, for drawing the cards. All other players should gather in a circle. Dracula should draw a card one at a time from the bowl, reading the command aloud to the group. Players must only obey the command when it starts with the phrase ‘ Dracula says’. If you follow a command that doesn’t begin with ‘ Dracula says’ you are out of the game. Be careful - there are some cards where other characters may give you instructions! Remember you should only listen to Dracula!

Ghostly greetings! Are you ready for a fang-tastic night of questions and a family friendly feud? Gather into teams and bring the excitement of a game show right to your home with this printable party game! Over 100 people surveyed all agreed: Monster Friendly Feud is the best way to bring everyone together for a great time! The game is easy to learn, and can be played in minutes. It's perfect for Halloween parties, family gatherings and as a candy free trick-or-treat alternative! The wholesome, screen free, activity everyone can play ; best played in groups of around 6 - 12 people and a host.

Provide a little extra fun this Halloween with Roll a Monster - the monster themed dice game for children. All you need is two standard six sided dice ; roll the dice, add up the numbers and complete your drawing with the matching result. You can re-roll a dice once each turn. First to complete their drawing of a monster and name them wins!

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A great bundle!

Heaps of fun here. Great presentation and so easy and convenient to download.