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Father's Day Jeoparty Trivia Game - The Fun Party Quiz To Print and Play at Home

Father's Day Jeoparty Trivia Game - The Fun Party Quiz To Print and Play at Home

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Liven up your Father's Day celebrations with a competitive trivia party game! Jam-packed full of quiz questions to test even the brightest of brains the game is easy to learn, and can be played in minutes. It's also great for parties, as it's even more fun and entertaining in groups. Inspired by the popular TV gameshow Jeopardy players work together in teams to answer questions, wager points and outsmart their opponents. Make Father's Day extra special this year and make time to play as a family!

Included in your purchase:

- Jeoparty Trivia Game (materials for 2 games)

PLEASE NOTE : This is not a digital game. All files are in PDFs format.


This game requires one player to act as a host and oversee the game ; it will be their very important job to read the questions and award points. Grab yourself some buzzers (anything that makes a noise), give yourself a winning team name and play! Here is a quick rundown of the rules, a full explanation are included in your download.


The host will read the chosen question aloud, the first team to buzz in answers. If the team answers the question correctly they earn the associated points on the board (100, 200, 300, 400 or 500) and gets to choose the next spot to play. If the team answer incorrectly deduct the points from their total (minus numbers if necessary) and play passes to another team to buzz in and answer.

If a team land on a DAILY DOUBLE spot (there are three available in each game) they can choose how many points (from their current total) to wager before the question is read. If they answer correctly they score the designated number of points. If they get it wrong the amount gets deducted from their points total.

The final Jeoparty round gives the teams one last opportunity to wager, earn points and win the game. The five final round categories are read aloud and the team with the fewest points chooses the category that will be played by everyone. Each team decides how many points (from their current total) to wager and records it down on a piece of paper. The question is read aloud, all teams have 30 seconds to confer and write their final answer down. When the time is up all answers are revealed. Teams who answered correctly earn the point wagered, teams who got it wrong have the points deducted instead. The team with the most points wins!


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