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Family Friendly Feud - The Hilarious Party Game of Guessing Top Answers (Version 2)

Family Friendly Feud - The Hilarious Party Game of Guessing Top Answers (Version 2)

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Unlock a new way to have fun with your family at your next get-together, holiday, birthday, or quiz night - with Friendly Feud! Over 100 people surveyed all agreed: Friendly Feud is the best way to bring everyone together for a great time!

This group party game comes with all the materials for three complete games of competition, with twelve family-friendly questions and three quick-fire finales. It is easy to learn, and can be played in minutes. So grab some snacks, gather around the table, it's time to play!

Materials for 3 games include :

- 12 Question Cards
- 3 Quick Fire Final Rounds
- Full Rules Explanation

PLEASE NOTE : This is not a digital game. All files are in PDFs format.


This game is driven by a host who, like the Family Feud game show, reads questions, reveal answers and awards points. Grab yourself some buzzers (anything that makes a noise), make a mock podium and play!
Here is a quick rundown of the rules, a full explanation and some alternative ways to play are included in your download.


A game plays with 4 question cards and 1 quick fire final round.

Each feud begins with a FACE OFF. The host selects a question card and invites a player from each team up to the podium to try and take control of the question by giving the most popular answer. If the player who buzzed first gets the highest ranked response on the list their team can choose to PLAY or PASS the question.

If the player who buzzed in first doesn’t get the highest ranked answer the competitor gets a chance to answer and steal control. The player with the highest ranked answer chooses to PLAY the question or PASS.

Players on the controlling team take turns guessing an answer. Each player has five seconds to answer and there is no conferring. If the team can guess all of the answers on the board they win the round and all the point revealed ; 100 points.

If they fail to answer or give an incorrect answer they gain a STRIKE. Three STRIKES and the team looses control of the board and play passes to the opposing team. The opposing team can confer and has one chance to come up with ONE of the remaining responses. If they guess correctly they win all the points revealed so far. If they fail the other team gets the points.

Play FOUR rounds - the team with the most points win and has the opportunity to play the FINAL ROUND.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Printed up fine and we had a fun time playing.

Printed up fine and we had a fun time playing.

Family enjoyed playing the game

Family enjoyed playing the game

The game is great.

We had a gathering of ages 10 through 80 years old. We all had a wonderful fun time.

great at team parties and youth group activies!

great at team parties and youth group activies!

Family friendly and instant download!

We have a Forced Family Fun 4th Tournament planned and these are perfect.