Escape The Temple Puzzle Game for Kids
Children's escape room.
Children's escape room.

Escape The Temple Puzzle Game for Kids

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Assemble your winning team and take your family and friends on an adventure to solve puzzles, crack codes and Escape the Temple!

Escape the Temple is an escape style game with a mix of tasks to solve encouraging critical thinking and teamwork. It is suitable for children aged 10+. Younger children can enjoy the fun, however, they will need more support to complete the puzzles. Clues cards are provided. Have a large group? Print off multiple copies, start a timer and race teams against each other.

This printable escape room is available to purchase, print and play in minutes. All you need is a colour printer, some scissors and 10 mins to cut everything up and prepare the game.

Included in your purchase:

- Setup Instructions
- Escape The Temple Puzzle Game
- Clue cards
- Answers
- Game Walkthrough
- Printable Certificate

* Please be aware a colour printer is required *

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After a twelve day trek through the dense jungle of South America you finally arrive at the hidden temple of Antilla. You enter the dark doorway to the temple and light a torch for your path. Something moves and catches your eye, suddenly the ground shakes beneath you and the temple starts to crumble.

OH NO! The exit is blocked but has revealed a strange looking dial. It looks like we need six digits to unlock the door.

Can you solve the puzzles, find the six digit code and escape the temple?


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