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Dracula Says - The Fun Halloween Party Game for Kids!

Dracula Says - The Fun Halloween Party Game for Kids!

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This Halloween play a game we all know and love - Simon Says, but this time it's with a spooky twist - Dracula Says!

Choose a player to be Dracula and give them the bowl, or bag, for drawing the cards. All other players should gather in a circle. Dracula should draw a card one at a time from the bowl, reading the command aloud to the group. Players must only obey the command when it starts with the phrase ‘ Dracula says’. If you follow a command that doesn’t begin with ‘ Dracula says’ you are out of the game.

Be careful - there are some cards where other characters may give you instructions! Remember you should only listen to Dracula!

The last player standing wins!

Included in your purchase:

- Game Rules
- Dracula Says Game (96 cards / 8 per page)


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Customer Reviews

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Can't wait to play this with my class in school.

A great fun game to help develop listening skills.

Will be fun!

Can't wait to play. An easy download and purchase. Will be back for more.

My kids group will go mad for this at Halloween.

Can't wait to play.