Christmas Name Them Family Feud Quiz
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Christmas Name Them Family Feud Quiz

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A new and original holiday game from Print GoGo, based on the popular gameshow Family Feud. Add a little friendly competition to the holidays, compete in teams, wager points and play 'Name Them Family Feud'. How many best selling Christmas toys from the 90s can you name? What about the top 20 rated Christmas films on IMDb? or the first countries in the world to celebrate Christmas? Place your bets and answer - careful if you get an answer wrong the opposing team could steal.

The materials for 3 complete games are included. Purchase, print and play in minutes.

Included in your purchase:

- Full Rules Explanation
- 14 Christmas Question Cards
- 14 Christmas List Cards

PLEASE NOTE : This is not a digital game. All files are in PDFs format.


This game is driven by a host who, reads questions, reveal answers and awards points. Grab yourself some buzzers (anything that makes a noise), make a mock podium and play! Here is a quick rundown of the rules, a full explanation and some variants are included in your download.


Each round begins with a question. The host selects a question card and invites a player from each team up to the podium to try and take control. If the player who buzzes in first answers correctly they immediately score one bonus point and take control, if they answer incorrectly control passes to the opposing team. The host selects a list card and reads the question aloud to all players. The team who has control must provide a bet to how many correct answers they can provide; this is also the number of points they are waging for.

The opposing team have two options ; they can raise the bet or they can challenge the team to ‘Name Them’.

Once a team is challenged to ‘‘Name Them’ they must provide correct answers equal to the number they bet. Teams can confer and discuss before providing an answer. If the team provide an incorrect, or duplicate, answer they get a STRIKE. Two STRIKES and they are frozen out of the list and play passes to the opposing team. If they can provide ONE correct answer they win the list and the number of points bet.


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