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Christmas Gift Exchange - Holiday Present Swap Party Game

Christmas Gift Exchange - Holiday Present Swap Party Game

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Christmas is all about family, friends, fun and gifts! This holiday season enjoy the most fun and inclusive of party games - a white elephant gift exchange. The game is easy to play and perfect for parties, large family gatherings, office work colleagues and more!

Will you be passing your gift to the player most likely to be on a reality TV show, the one wearing novelty socks, the biggest animal lover, most likely to survive on a desert island and many more. Bring some fun to your holiday celebrations this year with our printable gift exchange game - 48 different cards included.

Included in your purchase:

- Rules
- 48 Gift Exchange Cards (8 per page)


On your turn pick a card, read it aloud and complete the action. A few cards require action from the whole group. Continue drawing clockwise until, either, everyone has had a turn, or (for a longer game) when you have circled twice or three times. At the end of the game unwrap the gift you are holding, if it isn’t already. This is your prize! Congratulations, hope it’s a good one.

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