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Christmas Act It, Draw It - The Family Party Game of Acting Out and Drawing

Christmas Act It, Draw It - The Family Party Game of Acting Out and Drawing

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Christmas Act It, Draw It is a fun party charade style game that the whole family can play and enjoy ; there is no limit to how many people can participate. Divide your group into two teams and give yourself a winning team name.

To play, each team should take it in turns for one player to flip a coin. If the coin is HEADS they must ACT out the card. If the coin is TAILS they must DRAW out the card. Strictly no speaking, pointing to objects or writing words.

A 1 minute timer is started as soon as a card is drawn and teammates should try to correctly guess the word or phrase. If a team fails to correctly guess the card within the time limit play passes to the opposing team ; they have one opportunity to steal the card and provide the correct answer. Each card a team can correctly guess is worth 1 point. Play an even number of turns, the team with the most points wins!

Included in your purchase:

- Rules Explanation
- 80 Christmas Clue Cards


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