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Cauldron Candy Catch - The Fun and Frantic Halloween Candy Dice Game for Kids

Cauldron Candy Catch - The Fun and Frantic Halloween Candy Dice Game for Kids

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This Halloween gather around a cauldron filled with candy and play cauldron candy catch - the fun and fast paced dice game for the whole family. You will need a minimum of 2 dice, candy and a group of at least 6 players. If you have some witches hats even better! Purchase, print and play immediately.

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- Cauldron Candy Catch PDF (2 pages)


Gather yourself around a table, place your candy in the center and give a die to two players sitting opposite from each other. Each ACTIVE player with a dice is a WITCH and is trying to roll a SIX.

The aim of the game is to catch the next person to your right, "a WITCH", who is still trying to roll a six and pass play. The game starts with the witches shouting ' HOCUS POCUS, GIVE IT A MIX, LET ME ROLL A SIX'. Each ACTIVE player (witch) rolls the die as many times as necessary to roll a SIX. When a SIX is rolled they pass the dice, and witches hat if using, to the player on their right who, in turn, now tries to roll a SIX themselves to pass the die to their right. Players play simultaneously, as quickly or as slowly as they like.

If you catch a witch shout out to the group. Play is paused whilst you draw a piece of candy from the cauldron in the centre of the group. Redistribute the dice evenly and play again.
First player to get five pieces of candy is the winner!


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I think my kids will really enjoy this.

Perfect for an alternative to trick or treating this year. An easy download and purchase. Will be back for more.