Play Cinco de Mayo Fact or Fiction - The Perfect Family Party Game!

Cinco de Mayo is a time to celebrate with family and friends, eat delicious food, party and most importantly have fun! What better way to do that than by playing a fun and educational game that all ages can play? Cinco de Mayo Fact or Fiction is the perfect team game - it is easy to learn, play and can be enjoyed by all the family. Sound good? Give it a go. How many of these do you think you can correctly answer?

Do Americans drink more tequila than any other country? Is the Los Angeles Cinco de Mayo celebration bigger than the one in Puebla, Mexico, where the holiday originated? Was the world’s largest Piñata 61 feet tall and 23 feet wide? Was it tradition to hit a priest with a lime in the 19th century? 

Play Cinco de Mayo Fact or Fiction - The Perfect Family Party Game!

How to play Cinco de Mayo Fact or Fiction game :

Test your Cinco de Mayo knowledge with this printable fact or fiction trivia quiz! With 48 engaging question cards, you'll learn fun facts about the holiday whilst you challenge family and friends in this fun team party game. 

On your turn a player on the opposing team draws a card and reads the fact aloud. It is up-to you to decide if the fact is FACT or FICTION. If you answer correctly you keep the card. Play first team to reach a set number of points, 5 for example, or until all the cards are gone for a longer game.

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