This New Year Download and Play a Fun True or False Trivia Quiz!

This New Year gather yourself into teams, download our printable game and play New Year True or False. Can you correctly guess if a fact is true or false? For example - in South America should a pickle be eaten every day of December until New Year? Does Ethiopia ring in the New Year on October 11th? Did New Year's Day used to be called Primis Day? Is it tradition in Japan for grown men to dress up like demons and scare children into behaving for their parents? Find the answers to all these and more! 

This New Year Download and Play a Fun True or False Trivia Quiz!

How to Play New Year True or False Quiz

This family holiday party game can be enjoyed by all the family and makes for a fun after dinner table game or as a New year party quiz during your celebrations.

On your turn a player of the opposing team draws a card and reads a fact aloud to you. It is up to you, working alone or in teams, to decide if the fact is true or false. If you answer correctly you keep the card and gain one point.

Play first to reach 10 points, or until all the cards are gone for a longer game.

Download and play New Year True or False today! 

Example New Year True or False Question Cards

Are the following statements true or false? Answers below.

  1. In Germany, New Year's Eve is referred to as 'Silvester'.

  2. New Year’s Day used to be called Primis (Prime) Day.

  3. The Times Square Ball has been dropped every year since 1907.

  4. During Hogmanay, the Scottish new year celebration, it's tradition to kiss everyone in the room.

  5. In the ancient country of Persia it was tradition to give eggs on New Year’s Day.

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