Four Hilarious Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas for Families

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This Christmas dial up the fun and compete in a Christmas gift exchange! The hilarious way to celebrate with friends, family, work colleagues and more! Invite everyone - the more the merrier here!

Four Hilarious Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas for Families

Four Hilarious Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas for Families

We love a Christmas gift exchange here and have created four of our favourite versions as printable games that you can download and play immediately. Without further ado, here they are ...

1. Gift Exchange Game

This one is a classic. Print, cut out the cards and mix them into a bowl for drawing. Will your guests be passing your gift to the player most likely to be on a reality TV show, the one wearing novelty socks, the biggest animal lover, most likely to survive on a desert island and many more. 

2. Trading Places

What is unique about this gift exchange game is the gifts stay in place and the players do the moving. Choose a player to be the host, they can participate in the exchange but will also be reading aloud to the group. The host reads a statement, numbered from 1 - 20, aloud to the group. If the statement applies to you, you must stand up. All players standing should race to switch places with each other and sit down in a new spot and in front of a new gift.

3. Dice Stealing Exchange Game

Take it in turns to roll 3 standard six sided dice and perform the action. Swap gifts with players most likely to be on the naughty list, ones wearing Christmas items or with a beard. Peek at gifts, unwrap some, steal and swap. Keep your eyes peeled on the bonus gift - only one player can walk away with it. Will it be you?

4. Left Right Game

Featuring an original story suitable for all the family, kids included. Choose a storyteller to read the story aloud to the group. Anytime you heard the word "LEFT" pass your present to the left. Anytime you heard the word "RIGHT" pass your present right. When you hear the phrase “WE HAVE” swap gifts with anyone else in the group. You’ll have to be quick to keep up, the gift you have at the end of the story is yours to open and keep.

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