7 of the Best Trick-or-Treat Alternative Halloween Games for Kids

Looking for an alternative to Trick-or-Treating this year? Staying at home this Halloween? Instead of an evening of walking around in the cold, this year host a Halloween party and play these hilarious Halloween party games for children! Here are seven of our best selling instant download printable games guaranteed to bring you plenty of fun!

7 of the Best Trick-or-Treat Alternative Halloween Games for Kids

7 of the Best Trick-or-Treat Alternative Halloween Games for Kids

1. Halloween Scavenger Challenge Game

Take on the ultimate Halloween scavenger hunt! Can you find all your items and race back to your seat in time? Give it a go with this fun photo scavenger party game that the whole family can play and enjoy ; it is best played in groups of 2-10 players. To play, each player is passed a camera and takes it in turns to draw a card. A timer is started immediately after the player reads the card aloud to the group ; they should now race to find the required object, take a photo of it, and return to the group (sitting down in their spot) within the time limit. If they complete the challenge they keep the card in front of them - each card is worth 1 point at the end of the game. If they fail to complete the card it is mixed back into the bag and may be drawn and attempted by another player during the game.

The game ends when each player has drawn and played 8 cards. Points are counted and the scavenger hunt champion is named! Fun, right?

2. Halloween Act It, Draw It

Halloween Act It, Draw It is a fun charade style party game that the whole family can play and enjoy ; there is no limit to how many people can participate. To play, each team should take it in turns for one player to flip a coin. If the coin is HEADS they must ACT out the card. If the coin is TAILS they must DRAW out the card. Strictly no speaking, pointing to objects or writing words.

A 1 minute timer is started as soon as a card is drawn and teammates should try to correctly guess the word or phrase. If a team fails to correctly guess the card within the time limit play passes to the opposing team ; they have one opportunity to steal the card and provide the correct answer. Each card a team can correctly guess is worth 1 point. Play an even number of turns, the team with the most points wins!

3. Halloween Truth of Scare

This spooky season download and print out these cards for a fun game of Halloween Truth or Scare, the game for kids and families of all ages.

The rules are loose - play for fun, rather than points. The player who the group decides has the spookiest costume should start; they must decide to play either a truth or a scare card and draw one from the corresponding bag without looking. Take it in turns to draw a card until everyone has had the opportunity to play 5 cards each. Enjoying yourself? Great, keep playing!

4. Halloween Trick or Treat Game

A fun way to celebrate Halloween at home, with friends, family and spooky sidekicks. Take it in turns to pull out a card from the bowl, skull or pumpkin - will you be lucky and get a TREAT card or will you have to perform a CHALLENGE or a TRICK. 72 unique cards and challenges included. Print off multiple copies for an epic game or choose your favourite cards and make it your own.

5. Halloween Scavenger Hunt Bundle

Take your kids on a halloween scavenger hunt as they race around the house and solve clues in search of some candy, treats or a surprise. This special scavenger hunt bundle includes our best selling indoor and outdoor Halloween clues together, at a discounted price. 27 unique locations - mix and match the ones you like to make your own hunt or use them all for an epic Halloween scavenger hunt for kids.

6. Dracula Says

This Halloween play a game we all know and love - Simon Says, but this time it's with a spooky twist - Dracula Says!

Choose a player to be Dracula and give them the bowl, or bag, for drawing the cards. All other players should gather in a circle. Dracula should draw a card one at a time from the bowl, reading the command aloud to the group. Players must only obey the command when it starts with the phrase ‘ Dracula says’. If you follow a command that doesn’t begin with ‘ Dracula says’ you are out of the game. Be careful - there are some cards where other characters may give you instructions! Remember you should only listen to Dracula!

7. Roll A Monster Dice Game

A perfect addition to a Halloween party or as an alternative to Trick-or-Treating. Provide a little extra fun this Halloween with Roll a Monster - the monster themed dice game for children. All you need is two standard six sided dice ; roll the dice, add up the numbers and complete your drawing with the matching result. You can re-roll a dice once each turn. First to complete their drawing of a monster and name them wins! 


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