Don't Answer Yes or No In This Hilarious Christmas Party Game

Do you like Christmas? Does Christmas start with the letter C? Do you like wrapping gifts? Do you believe in Santa? Did you just say yes? Are you sure? Christmas Don't Say It is a fun Christmas party game that the whole family can play and enjoy. Answer Yes or No to the quick fire questions and you are out of the game. Are you ready to play?

Don't Answer Yes or No In This Quick Fire Christmas Party Game

How to Play Christmas Don't Say It - The Quick Fire Family Party Game

The aim of the game is to answer a number of simple questions without saying the words YES or NO. The most questions you can answer in a row without saying YES or NO the more points you will score. Most points wins!

Take it in turns to draw a card and read the quick fire questions aloud to the opponent on your right. Each card has 20 questions or statements ; they should be read in order at a fast pace whilst allowing your opponent the time to answer. Ring the buzzer to indicate the start of a players turn. From now on ;

  • Your opponent cannot say the words YES or NO.
  • They cannot say anything that sounds like YES or NO.
  • They cannot hesitate, nod, shake their head or repeat an answer.

If they do any of the actions above the buzzer is pressed and the reader stops. 

Points are awarded by how many questions you answered without saying YES or NO. The maximum number of points a player can score per card is 20.

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Here is an example round.

Remember - you can't say YES or NO. Ready? Did you just say yes? I hope not.

  1. Do you believe in Santa?

  2. Are you sure?

  3. Have you ever seen him?

  4. Does he wear a red coat?

  5. Do you like red?

  1. What about blue?

  2. Does Santa have a beard?

  3. Is it white?

  4. Or more grey?

  5. Can you name one of his reindeer?

  6. With the red nose?

  7. Do you have a red nose?

  8. Have you ever picked your nose?

  9. Are you sure?

  10. Really?

  11. You just said yes, didn’t you?

  12. Name a red fruit.

  13. Do you like apples?

  14. How about cranberries?

  15. Is this the last question?

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