Unique Advent Calendar Ideas - Creative Daily Idea Prompts to Countdown to Christmas!

Do you have creative children in your family? Are you looking for a new and unique way to enjoy Advent and spice up your Advent calendars this year? Or maybe you are looking for some new ideas to entertain the kids or to add some fun ideas to your home schooling in December. This holiday season add these creative activity cards to your calendar and add a little unexpected fun, art and imagination, to each day and the countdown to Christmas.

Unique Advent Calendar Ideas - Creative Daily Idea Prompts to Countdown to Christmas!

Countdown to Christmas with Creative Advent Calendar Cards

Add a card, or two, to each day of your Advent calendar and dictate a fun activity that needs to be completed. From decorating pine cones, designing Christmas themed board games, making paper snowflakes, writing creative stories, baking cookies and more. These small prompt cards are the perfect way to encourage creative play in the darker and colder months as well as providing a bit of jeopardy with what to expect for tomorrow.

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Here are a few examples of the cards you'll find inside :

  • Make a Christmas joke book.
  • Design a Christmas word search using Christmas words.
  • Design a magic key for Santa Claus.
  • Paint a picture of a Christmas scene using only finger prints.
  • Build a gingerbread house.
  • Write a Christmas story set in space.
  • Bake and decorate Christmas cookies.
  • Make a nature ice wreath.
  • Design and made a Christmas cracker.
  • Write a special letter to Santa.
  • Make some thank you cards.

And many more creative activity ideas included!

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