Ultimate Kid-Friendly Christmas Yankee Swap Ideas!

Christmas is a time of joy and laughter, and what better way to spread the holiday cheer than with a fun gift exchange? You may call it a yankee swap, a white elephant, the Grinch game or a Pollyanna swap to name a few. Which ever name you know it by the premise is usually the same, you bring and swap a gift with a group. Ready to mix it up this year, try a fresh twist on a classic and create a new family tradition?

Ultimate Kid-Friendly Christmas Yankee Swap Ideas!

What is a Yankee Swap?

If you're not familiar with the Yankee Swap game, let us quickly explain. It's a gift exchange game where each participant brings a wrapped present. The presents are placed in a central location, and players take turns selecting a gift or stealing one from another player. The game continues until everyone has had a chance to open a gift, resulting in lots of laughter and surprises! 

The Tale of the Missing Nice List - Left, Right Gift Exchange

This one is fun! The Tale of the Missing Nice List is a Left Right Christmas Game that, you guessed it, involves passing gifts from left to right based on a story. The game starts with everyone sitting in a circle, each holding a wrapped gift. The narrater reads aloud, every time you hear the word "LEFT" pass your present to the left. Anytime you hear the word "RIGHT" pass your present to the right. When you hear the phrase “WE HAVE” swap presents and seats with anyone. When you hear the word “OPEN” one player should unwrap a present. The gift you have at the end of the story is yours to keep.

The Tale of Baby Jesus - Left, Right Gift Exchange

In a similar vein comes The Tale of Baby Jesusa Nativity left right Christmas game based on the story of the birth of Jesus. This fast-paced story game is not only entertaining, but it also teaches the story of Baby Jesus in a unique and engaging way. It follows the journey of Mary and Joseph as they travel to Bethlehem, the shepherds who receive the angel's message, and the wise men who follow the star to find the newborn king. The story is not only entertaining, but it also serves as a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas.

The Dice Rolling Gift Exchange

The thrill of rolling dice, the jeopardy of passing gifts and the excitement of Christmas. Take it in turns to roll 3 standard six sided dice and perform the action. Swap gifts with players most likely to be on the naughty list, ones wearing Christmas items or with a beard. Peek at gifts, unwrap some, steal and swap. Keep your eyes peeled on the bonus gift - only one player can walk away with it. Will it be you? Play the Dice Rolling Gift Game and find out!

Trading Places Gift Exchange

Don't get too comfortable! Trading Places will have you racing to swap seats and presents with other players in a fast paced and thrilling gift swapping experience. The host reads a statement, numbered from 1 - 20, aloud to the group. If the statement applies to you, you must stand up. All players standing should race to switch places with each other and sit down in a new spot and in front of a new gift.

Which Christmas Yankee Swap will you play?

Christmas gift exchanges encourages interaction, excitement, and a little friendly competition among the kids and adults. So, gather your little ones, prepare some fun gifts, and get ready for a memorable Christmas Yankee Swap game that will create lasting memories for years to come! The only question is which one will you choose?

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