Ring in Chinese New Year with the Ultimate Dragon Says Party!

Chinese New Year is a time for celebration, traditions, and of course, games! And what better way to bring some fun and laughter to the festivities than by playing a game we all know and love - Simon Says. But this time, it's with a twist - Dragon Says!

Ring in Chinese New Year with the Ultimate Dragon Says Party!

How to Play Dragon Says

First, choose a player to be the Dragon. Give them the honor of holding the bowl or bag for drawing the cards. All other players should gather in a circle, eagerly awaiting the Dragon's commands.

The Dragon will draw a card one at a time from the bowl, reading the command aloud to the group. But here's the catch - players must only obey the command when it starts with the phrase 'Dragon says'. If you follow a command that doesn't begin with 'Dragon says', you are out of the game. Simple, right?

Let the Dragon Roar!

Get ready for some hilarious moments as the Dragon starts giving commands. The Dragon might say, "Dragon says hop on one foot," and everyone in the circle must hop on one foot. But if the Dragon says, "Touch your nose," without the magical words 'Dragon says' at the beginning, anyone who touches their nose is out!

As the game progresses, the Dragon can get creative with their commands. They can try to trick the other players by saying things like, "Dragon says clap your hands and spin around," or "Dragon says wiggle your ears and stick out your tongue." The players must listen carefully and only follow the commands that begin with 'Dragon says'.

Laughter and Fun for Everyone

Dragon Says! is not only a game of obedience but also a game of wit and quick reflexes. It's a fantastic way to bring the whole family together during Chinese New Year celebrations. Plus, it's a great opportunity to showcase your silly side and let loose!

Imagine the laughter that will fill the room as players try to keep up with the Dragon's commands. There will be moments of confusion, hilarious mishaps, and maybe even some epic dance moves. Who knows, you might discover hidden talents you never knew you had!

Dragon Says: A Tradition in the Making

Chinese New Year is all about embracing traditions and creating lasting memories. Dragon Says can become a new tradition for your family and friends to enjoy year after year. It's a game that brings joy, laughter, and a sense of togetherness.

So, this Chinese New Year, gather your loved ones, unleash your inner Dragon, and let the fun begin with Dragon Says!. Remember, only obey the commands that start with 'Dragon says' and get ready for a memorable celebration filled with laughter and excitement!

Ring in Chinese New Year with the Ultimate Dragon Says Party!

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