This Christmas Take On The Ultimate Christmas Scavenger Hunt!

Are you ready to take on the ultimate Christmas scavenger hunt challenge? Can you find all your items and race back to your seat in time? This fast paced and frantic photo party game can be enjoyed by families of all ages and is guaranteed to make some fun memories. Join us as we teach you how to play!

This Christmas Take On The Ultimate Christmas Scavenger Hunt!

Learn how to play Christmas Scavenger Hunt Challenge Game

To play, each player is passed a camera and takes it in turns to draw a card. A timer is started immediately after the player reads the card aloud to the group ; they should now race to find the required object, take a photo of it, and return to the group (sitting down in their spot) within the time limit.

If they complete the challenge they keep the card in front of them - each card is worth 1 point at the end of the game. If they fail to complete the card it is mixed back into the bag and may be drawn and attempted by another player during the game.

The game ends when each player has drawn and played 8 cards. Points are counted and the scavenger hunt champion is named!

Sounds like a heap of fun, right? It is! Are you ready to play?

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