Top 10 Creative Ways For Kids To Spend Their Summer

This summer doesn't have to be expensive. No holidays? No worries - there are plenty of fun and creative activity ideas for kids that you can enjoy this summer right in your backyard or neighborhood. These printable boredom busting games are perfect for those on a budget, living more frugally or looking to get back to basics with some good old fashioned fun. It's time to get the kids off TikTok and get outside in nature for these creative summer activities for children.

Top 10 Creative Ways For Kids To Spend Their Summer

Top 10 Budget Friendly and Creative Ways For Kids To Spend Their Summer

Nature Art Treasure Hunt

These creative art treasure hunts are perfect to spark curiosity, an interest in art and creative thinking for children. Can they find, interpret and draw each item on the list? Our nature themed hunt is the perfect addition to add adventure to an outdoor trip, a nature walk in the woods or more. All you need to do is provide the crayons!

Idea! If playing with a group of children, for a birthday party for example, why not host a small competition with some little prizes too. No need for anything big, some candy or chocolates will do. You could have prizes for the most creative drawing, best use of color, most realistic drawing and more.

Heading out in to city? the beach? or just having a day indoors on a rainy day? You'll find themed version of our art treasure hunts in store. Like this one, for example.

Family Activity Cards

Most families knows how hard it is to continue to come up with ideas to entertain everyone and keep kids occupied and happy. These family activity cards take out the hard work for you and introduce a little spontaneity into your family. 52 different ideas are included ; one for each week of the year if you want to spread them out. All activity ideas come with very little to no cost required, for example - host an indoor Olympics and come up with some fun events, have a karaoke night, built a bug hotel, go on a scavenger hunt, make homemade pizzas and many more.

Cut each card out and put them in a jar, pull one out every week - or day during summer - and enjoy the activity together and create fun memories.

Summer Photo Challenge

A great way to encourage kids to be creative and learn a new skill. Can they complete the summer photo challenge ; 30 different themes, topics and prompts to take photos off. A great way of creating some fun family memories and some keepsakes of your summer holiday together.

Rainbow Treasure Hunt

This printable treasure hunt looks simple but it is harder to complete than you think! It'll take a little while to find items, indoors and out, that match each of the colors shown. A fun game for when the weather is bad and you need to entertain the kids indoors. To make things even more challenging try setting a theme ; items that you can hold in your hand for example. Or things that are made out of plastic.

Book Bingo

Do you have a little book worm amongst you? Or perhaps you are trying to encourage your little ones to read more. This fun printable book bingo game will get children interested in reading more. Can they cross off all the items and shout BINGO nice and loud when nothing is left? A perfect addition to the summer and something to keep children occupied with in the evenings or on a rainy day. Perhaps the prize for completion could be a trip to the library, bookstore or charity shop to pick out a new book to read.

Garden Planner

Do you have a little outside space at home? The summer is the perfect opportunity to enjoy it and spark an interest in growing planets, herbs, vegetables and more with children. This fun printable garden planner will help focus them and plan what they want to grow.

Summer of Fun Activity Checklist

The ultimate summer activity checklist for children! Can you tick off all 36 different activities and complete the list? From making and burying a time capsule, bird watching, visiting a museum, making some artwork, homemade pizzas, fruit picking and more. A variety of budget friendly activities to create some fun memories together.

Boredom Jar Cards

We made these printable I'm Bored cards with parents in mind. Are you used to hearing the phrase 'I'm bored' every minute of the day? Give your kids some direction with these boredom jar cards ; a mixture of activities and household chores included - the only rule is you have to complete the card before drawing another. Will your children find themselves tidying their rooms, hosting an indoor Olympic Games, inventing a secret code, donating toys, creating a bug hotel, hovering the house and more ....

Outdoor Treasure Hunts

Are you heading to the city? out camping? the beach? wood? or on a road trip perhaps? In store you'll find treasure hunts for every occasion and holiday. Featuring a list of items to search for with whimsical illustrations these printable treasure hunts will keep kids occupied and happy. Ideal.

Finally - Our Creative Activity Bundle

A huge bundle packed full of creative ideas for your children to enjoy - spark curiosity in being creative and learning. Can they build a time capsule? Make a home cinema and film their own short movie? Host an Olympic Games and make up some creative events for the family to compete in? Make nature bugs? Go on a tastebud adventure? Create their own top secret code? Complete a story challenge and more .....

We'd love to hear your ideas for entertaining the kids over summer! Please drop us a message in the comments below. What are your family traditions or favorite games to play?

Don't forget to pin this image so you can refer back to it next year too :)

Top 10 Creative Ways For Kids To Spend Their Summer

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