This Christmas Challenge Kids to a Game of Kindness Bingo

This Christmas holiday add a little friendly competition, entertain kids and encourage your little ones to be kind and helpful with a game of Christmas kindness bingo - the perfect way to keep them entertained.

This Christmas Challenge Kids to a Game of Kindness Bingo

How many kind acts can your kids complete? 12 unique cards included so each child can have their own card to complete over the holiday period. Race to finish or take your time and enjoy the journey.

Rules: Cross them off one at a time and shout BINGO when you have done so!

Christmas kindness bingo is the perfect fun activity to entertain kids whilst also reminding them of the true meaning of Christmas ; to spread kindness.

20 Example Christmas Kindness Bingo Ideas

  1. Give 5 people a compliment.
  2. Tidy your room without being asked.
  3. Offer your help with a chore.
  4. Share something with someone.
  5. Smile at someone who may need some cheer.
  6. Donate to a good cause.
  7. Hold a door open for someone.
  8. Make a gift for someone.
  9. Encourage someone.
  10. Leave a kind note for someone.
  11. Donate clothes to a local charity.
  12. Feed the birds.
  13. Teach someone something new.
  14. Write down 5 things you love about yourself.
  15. Tidy the table after dinner.
  16. Donate clothes to a local charity.
  17. Help unload groceries.
  18. Give someone a hug.
  19. Call a relative.
  20. Tell a friend what you appreciate about them.
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