This 4th July Take Kids On A Fun Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Annabel Seaton 4th July Kids Activities Scavenger Hunt Treasure Hunt

Celebrating the 4th of July with children this year? Maybe you are hosting a party with extended family or celebrating with your neighborhood. Keep the kids happy and occupied by challenging them to a fun 4th July scavenger hunt - can they find everything on this list?

This 4th July Take Kids On A Fun Neighborhood Treasure Hunt

Ideas for a 4th of July Treasure Hunt

Can kids find everything on this list?

  • A pin-wheel
  • A patriotic paper plate
  • Family sitting on a blanket
  • A blue cupcake
  • Something red in nature
  • The number 4
  • The word America
  • Someone playing an instrument
  • Something stripy
  • An animal that is dressed up.
  • A star bigger than you
  • A marching band
  • A picture of a President
  • Someone on a red bike
  • Something that makes a noise
  • An eagle
  • Something that starts with the letter J
  • A bow tie

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