The Ultimate Christmas Lyrics Brain Game for Groups!

Christmas Lyrics Challenge is not just your ordinary holiday party game. It's an all singing fun and exciting way to bring the whole family together during the holiday season. This game is all about testing your knowledge of popular Christmas songs. With 72 cards included, you'll have plenty of lyrics to finish and sing along to!

The Ultimate Christmas Lyrics Brain Game for Groups!

How to Play Christmas Lyrics Challenge

First, gather your family and friends around the table. The player who is dressed the most festive gets to start the game. One player from the opposing team should draw a card and read the unfinished lyric aloud to the group. It's important to keep the card secret from your fellow teammates, as bonus points may come into play later!

As soon as the lyric is read, a 10-second timer starts ticking. Your team must work together to sing the missing lyrics within the time limit. If you succeed, you earn 2 points for your team. But if you fail to sing the lyric, don't worry! The opposing team (minus the card reader) has one opportunity to make a guess and steal the points.

Unleash Your Festive Spirit

Christmas Lyrics Challenge is not just about the points. It's about having a blast with your loved ones and embracing the joy of Christmas. Get into the holiday spirit by dressing up in your most festive attire. Put on those Santa hats, ugly Christmas sweaters, and reindeer antlers. Let the laughter and cheer fill the room as you sing your hearts out!

With Christmas Lyrics Challenge, you'll create lasting memories and strengthen the bonds between family and friends. It's a game that brings everyone together, regardless of age or musical talent. So gather around, grab the microphone, and let the Christmas spirit guide you through the lyrics of your favorite holiday tunes.

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