Spice Up Your Christmas with Roll-A-Nativity dice game!

Christmas is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the festive season than with a fun and engaging game that the whole family can enjoy? Our best selling Christmas dice games are a lot of fun, and all you need to play is two standard six-sided dice and some crayons. One of our most popular games is Roll a Nativity, a game that is perfect for celebrating Advent at home, at Church with friends, school, or anywhere else you want to spread some holiday cheer.

Spice Up Your Christmas with Roll-A-Nativity dice game!

How do you play Roll a Nativity?

Roll a Nativity is a simple and exciting game that will keep everyone entertained. On your turn, all you need to do is roll two dice and add up the total. Once you have your total, consult the Roll a Nativity chart to see which item you need to draw to complete your nativity scene. The first player to complete all the items and their drawings wins the game!

Why is Roll a Nativity perfect for Christmas?

Roll a Nativity is the perfect game to play during the Christmas season because it combines the joy of playing a game with the opportunity to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. As you draw each item for your nativity scene, you can take a moment to think about the story of Jesus' birth and the significance of each character or object. It's a wonderful way to engage with the Christmas story and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

So, this Christmas, why not add some extra fun and laughter to your celebrations with Roll a Nativity? Gather your loved ones, grab some dice and crayons, and get ready for a festive game that will create lasting memories. Let the dice roll and may the best artist win!

Spice Up Your Christmas with Roll-A-Nativity dice game!

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