Test Your Musical Knowledge and Play Song Charades!

Calling all music fans! Celebrate a family gathering, reunion, family game night or evening with friends and play song charades - the fun and inclusive party game for everyone! Song charades is the perfect game for a large group - it is easy to learn and can be played in minutes. Join us as we teach you how to play and share 25 song charades ideas you can use for your next party.

Test Your Music Knowledge and Play Song Charades!

How to play Song Charades

Divide your group into equal teams and give yourself a winning team name. To play charades each team should take it in turns for one person to draw a card and act - without talking - what is depicted on the card. Their teammates have 1 minute to correctly guess the card. Each card that your team can correctly guess is worth 1 point. If your team fails to correctly guess the card play passes to the opposing team ; they can confer and have an opportunity to steal the card from you.

Download and play Song Charades today!

25 Song Charades Ideas

Here are 25 song charades ideas for a fun and creative game. Simply write each one down on a slip of paper and mix them together in a bowl. Have a great time!

  1. A Sky Full of Stars
  2. Brown Eyed Girl
  3. Crazy In Love
  4. Like A Prayer
  5. Don't Stop Believing
  6. Watermelon Sugar
  7. Don't Look Back in Anger
  8. Stairway to Heaven
  9. Thriller
  10. Stand By Me
  11. Blinding Lights
  12. No Scrubs
  13. When Doves Cry
  14. Ice Ice Baby
  15. Genie In a Bottle
  16. Party in the USA
  17. All About That Bass
  18. Baby One More Time
  19. Call Me Maybe
  20. Moves Like Jagger
  21. Shake It Off
  22. Go Your Own Way
  23. Dancing in the Streets
  24. All The Small Things
  25. Toxic

Download and play Song Charades today!

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