Remembering the 1970s: A 50th Birthday Trivia Quiz!

Are you looking to add a touch of nostalgia and fun to your upcoming 50th birthday party? Look no further! Our printable games will transport you and your guests back to the groovy era of the 70s. Get ready to boogie down and have a blast with three rounds of exciting games that will keep everyone entertained!

Remembering the 1970s: A 50th Birthday Trivia Quiz!

Round 1: Timeline - Are You Younger or Older Than Key Events?

Test your knowledge of the 70s with our Timeline game. Guess whether the celebrant is younger or older than iconic events that took place during this memorable decade. From the moon landing to the release of classic movies and the birth of influential celebrities, this game will challenge your memory and bring back fond memories of the 70s.

Round 2: Who am I? - Can You Guess the 1970s Famous Name from the Clue?

Think you know your 70s celebrities? Put your guessing skills to the test with our Who am I? game. We'll provide you with clues about famous personalities from the 70s, and you have to guess who they are. From legendary musicians to iconic actors and actresses, this game will have you reminiscing about the stars who defined the era.

Round 3: Music Artist Anagrams

Unscramble your way through our Music Artist Anagrams game. We've taken the names of popular music artists from the 70s and jumbled up the letters. It's up to you to decipher the anagrams and figure out the correct names. 

Our Born in the 1970's quiz is the perfect addition to a 70s-themed party. Simply print out the game sheets, distribute them to your guests, dust off your bell-bottoms, put on your disco shoes, and get ready to celebrate the 70s in style. Our printable games will ensure that your party is a hit and that everyone leaves with a smile on their face and a heart full of nostalgia. Let the good times roll!

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