Printable Lantern Riddles - Try This Chinese Tradition for Lanterns Festival

The tradition of Lantern Riddles began in the 13th Century where scholars would write riddles on slips of paper and attach them to lanterns for crowds to solve, those who were successful won a small gift as a reward. This Chinese New Year or Mid-Autumn Festival enjoy a fresh take on Lantern Riddles, the fun group party game that the whole family can play and enjoy. 

Printable Lantern Riddles - Try This Chinese Tradition for Lanterns Festival.

How to Play Lantern Riddles

To hang a lantern riddle make a small hole at the top of each card using a hole punch, if you have one available, and hang with some red string. For some added fun hide some in challenging places to add a treasure hunt element to the game and festivities. The object of the game is to correctly solve riddles. For each riddle you answer correctly you score one point. The player, or team, with the most points at the end is the winner.

Try some Lantern Riddles - how many of these can you solve?

1. What belongs to you, but gets used all the time by others?

2. What has to be broken before you can use it?

3. I’m tall when I’m young, and I’m short when I’m old. What am I?

4. I’m as light as a feather yet you can’t hold me for long. What am I?

5. What has 13 hearts but no other organs?

Answer below ...


1. Your name

2. An egg

3. A candle

4. Your breath

5. A pack of cards

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Some of them are definitely a fun challenge aren’t they!

Annabel @ Print GoGo

Crazy riddles I can’t guess them.


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