Play The Hilarious Halloween Trick or Treat Challenge Candy Game

Play The Hilarious Halloween Trick or Treat Challenge Candy Game

This Halloween gather your family and friends and sit down to play the hilarious Trick or Treat Candy Challenge Game - a fast paced and fun Halloween game the whole family can enjoy. A perfect alternative to trick-or-treating or as a new tradition to your Halloween party at home. Who wins? Everyone!

How to play Halloween Trick or Treat Candy Game

Take it in turns to pull out a card from a bowl, pumpkin or skull. There are five types of cards ; Treat, Challenge, Trick, Swap and Forfeit.

  • Draw a TREAT card and help yourself to a tasty treat.
  • Draw a CHALLENGE card and complete the challenge, if successful gain a treat.
  • Draw a TRICK card and complete the trick.
  • Draw a SWAP card and swap some candy with another player.
  • Draw a FORFEIT card and give one piece of candy to another player.

Play continues until all the cards are gone.

Example Halloween Trick or Treat Cards

1. Pretend to be scared of something and get the group to guess what it is.

2. Balance three pieces of candy on your head until your next go.

3. Go and find three things that are black. You have 20 seconds.

4. When anyone says Halloween shout the word 'Boo'.

5. Open and eat a piece of candy without using your hands.

6. Close your eyes. Someone else in the group will pick something for you to eat with your eyes closed. Can you guess what it is?

7. Fly around the room like a witch on a broom.

8. Go outside and howl at the moon like a wolf.

9. Wrap yourself up like a mummy.

10. Laugh like a witch at whatever people say for the next five minutes.


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