Play The Hilarious Easter Egg Challenge Candy Game This Easter

Easter Egg Challenge Game for Kids

This Easter gather your family and sit down to play to hilarious Easter Egg Challenge Game - a fast paced and fun Easter candy game the whole family can enjoy. Who wins? Everyone!

How to play Easter Egg Challenge Candy Game

Take it in turns to pull out a card from the bowl. There are four types of cards ; Treat, Challenge, Swap and Give, Easter is about kindness after all.

  • Draw a TREAT card and help yourself to a tasty treat.
  • Draw a CHALLENGE card and complete the challenge, if successful gain a treat.
  • Draw a SWAP card and swap with another player.
  • Draw a GIVE card and gift one of your treats to another player.

If you are lucky and draw a card with the Easter Bunny on it take an additional treat and place it in your basket. Play continues until all the cards are gone.


Example Easter Challenge Cards

  1. Pretend to be an animal and get the group to guess what it is.
  2. Open and eat a piece of chocolate without using your hands.
  3. Pretend to be an egg that is hatching.
  4. Pretend you've just seen the Easter Bunny.
  5. Roll an egg across the floor using just your face.
  6. Leave the room so the group can hide an egg. Start a timer, you have one minute to find it.
  7. Make someone say the word basket without saying the word basket.
  8. Other than the Easter bunny name three other famous bunnies.
  9. Name three ways you can cook an egg.
  10. Name five words that rhyme with the word BUNNY.
  11. Until your next go only say the word EGG in conversation.
  12. Perform a special Easter dance to the group.
  13. Name three things you eat at Easter that start with the letter C.
  14. Eat something from your basket and pretend it tastes horrible.
  15. Name three things you associate with Easter.

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