Play The Hilarious Christmas Candy Challenge Game This Holiday

This Christmas gather your family and friends and sit down to play a hilarious Christmas candy challenge game - a fast paced and fun Christmas game the whole family can enjoy. A great addition to you family Christmas party at home, with friends or elsewhere. Who wins? Everyone!

This Holiday Play The Hilarious Christmas Candy Challenge Games

How to play the Christmas Candy Game

Take it in turns to pull out a card from a bowl or Santa hat. There are six types of cards ; Treat, Give, Swap, Challenge, Team Challenge and Trick.

When you draw card, read it and perform the task. If you successfully perform your challenge take a treat of your choice and keep it in front of you. Discard the card.

The Trick card is slightly different - each trick card gives you an action that you have to continue to perform. Keep this card in front of you as you may pass it to another player during the game.

 Play continues until either, all the cards are gone, or everyone in the group has had a fixed number of turns - you decide!

Example Christmas Challenge Cards

1. Do your best impression of a Christmas tree. How many items can you balance or hang on your arms.

2. Rap the ‘12 Days of Christmas’.

3. Do an impression of someone who is trying to wrap an animal that keeps moving.

4. Sing one verse of Jingle Bells backwards.

5. You have 45 seconds to find ten things that are red.

6. For each letter in your name say a word that is associated with Christmas.

7. Pretend to be a snowman melting.

Example Christmas Trick Cards

1. For the rest of the game every time a ‘Treat’ card is drawn you must do 5 jumping jacks.

2. For the rest of the game when someone says ‘Santa’ you must respond ‘I love that guy’.

3. For the rest of the game after every challenge you perform you must do a dance celebration.


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