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Are you looking to add a little friendly competition to your Bible study, church group, Sunday school or family gathering? These printable Bible quizzes will test your knowledge of the Bible and popular phrases - how many of these Bible rebuses (often called dingbat puzzles) can you correctly answer?

Play The Bible Say What You See Dingbat Quiz!

What is a dingbat?

A dingbat is a puzzle, or riddle, in which a word or phrase is represented by a combination of symbols, words or letters. They often use a mix of clever word play, similar sounds, positioning of words or pictograms.

Here are a few examples :

p walk ark - looking at the positioning of the words the word 'walk' is placed in the middle of the word 'park'. The solution is a walk in the park.

Picture of an ape + X - the solution is apex

Pot 00000000 - Looking at the clue you see the word pot and eight 0's. The solution is potato.

Are you getting the hang of things?

Let's try a few Bible dingbats a go.

How many of these puzzles can you correctly answer?

Answers below.

Play The Bible Say What You See Rebus Quiz! Example Bible Quiz

Bible Dingbat Quiz Answers

  1. Forgive and Forget
  2. The First Born
  3. Jacobs Ladder
  4. High Priest
  5. Passover Lamb
  6. Our Daily Bread
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