Play Super Bowl Family Feud With These Free Questions

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Are you hosting a Super Bowl party? Has someone put you in charge of the games and entertainment? Don't panic! These free Super Bowl family feud questions can be used to host your own party game at home. Family Feud is the hilarious game of guessing top answers that anyone can play!

Play Super Bowl Family Feud With These Free Questions

Family Feud ‘The Survey Says’ is a game of matching answers. For each question 100 people have been surveyed, their answers collated and the TOP 5 answers recorded. The higher an answer you can match, the more points you will score. You can work together and play in teams or play individually. Kudos, and prizes, to the players with the most points at the end.

How to Play Super Bowl Family Feud At Home

Our ‘The Survey Says’ game is played simultaneously and is a more relaxed way to play the hit TV show Family Feud at home. One player reads a question aloud to the group, all players (working in teams or alone) then write down their top three answers. Once all questions have been played the answers are revealed and points are awarded. 

Here's an example :

Name a word a coach might yell during a football game?

  • 5 points - Go
  • 4 points - Team
  • 3 points - Now
  • 2 points - Touchdown
  • 1 point - Move

If you had answered Team, Move and Go, for example, you'd have scored 10 points. If you had answered Go, First, Play, you'd have matched one answer and scored 5 points.

Add up the points awarded for all questions - the player with the highest number of points is the winner!

5 Free Super Bowl Family Feud Questions

Besides a helmet name a piece of equipment a football player wears :

  • 5 - Shoulder Pads
  • 4 - Mouth-guard
  • 3 - Shoes
  • 2 - Jersey
  • 1 - Knees Pads

Besides the quarterback name a football position :

  • 5 - Wide Receiver
  • 4 - Running Back
  • 3 - Linebacker
  • 2 - Kicker
  • 1 - Tight End

Name a professional football team with an animal in its name :

  • 5 - Chicago Bears
  • 4 - Detroit Lions
  • 3 - Denver Broncos
  • 2 - Jacksonville Jaguars
  • 1 - Miami Dolphins

Name a performer who had a memorable half-time show :

  • 5 - Janet Jackson
  • 4 - Justin Timberlake
  • 3 - Bruno Mars
  • 2 - Beyonce
  • 1 - Katy Perry

Name something a team can get a foul for at the Super Bowl :

  • 5 - Offside
  • 4 - Holding
  • 3 - Pass Interference
  • 2 - Roughing the Passer
  • 1 - False Start

Looking for more ways to have fun? Download and play our 'The Big Game' bingo - 18 different cards included.

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