Play Santa Says at Christmas - The Fun Party Game of Copying Commands!

This Christmas play a game we all know and love - Simon Says, but this time it's with a festive twist - Santa Says! It's time to Ho Ho Ho, cluck like a turkey, pretend to chop a tree down, walk like a penguin, shake like jelly, move in slow motion and more. But remember you should only listen to Santa!

Play Santa Says at Christmas - The Fun Party Game of Copying Commands!

A game of Santa Says help young kids develop some key skills. As well as being fun it helps to develop body awareness, a better understand of following instructions, impulse control and sportsmanship. It's also really easy to play. Let us remind you of the rules.

How to play Santa Says - a Simon Says Game. 

Choose a player to be Santa and give them the bowl, or bag, for drawing the cards. If you have a Santa hat for them to wear even better. All other players should gather in a circle.

Santa should draw a card one at a time from the bowl, reading the command aloud to the group. For the most fun and to add some confusion, cards are best when read in quick succession. Players must only obey the command when it starts with the phrase ‘Santa says’

If you follow a command that doesn’t begin with ‘Santa says’ you are out of the game.

Be careful - there are some cards where other characters may give you instructions! You should only listen to Santa!

The last player standing wins!

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Example Santa Says Cards

  • Ho Ho Ho like me
  • Pretend to wrap a gift
  • Cluck like a turkey
  • Pretend you are a melting snowman
  • Grizzle like a polar bear
  • Rub your tummy and pat your head
  • Move in slow motion
  • Whisper your name
  • Pretend you made the naughty list
  • Give someone a cuddle
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