Enjoy a Swashbuckling Game of Pirate Family Feud at Home!

Ahoy-matey and shiver my timbers! Gather your family and friends for a pirate themed game night! Split into teams and compete in a fun game of Pirate themed Family Feud - the hilarious party game of guessing top answers and stealing points. A great way to create an inclusive and interactive atmosphere. Over 100 people surveyed all agreed: Pirate Friendly Feud is the best way to bring everyone together for a great time! Savvy? Yo ho ho ....

Enjoy a Swashbuckling Pirate Feud for Top Answers and Points!

How to Play Pirate Feud - The Printable Party Game at Home

Pirate Family Feud is easy to learn, and can be played in minutes. It's perfect for family gatherings, birthday parties, rainy days and more. The wholesome activity that uses no devices and that everyone can play ; best played in groups of around 6 - 12 people and a host.

Each feud begins with a FACE OFF. The host selects a question card and invites a player from each team up to the podium to try and take control of the question by giving the most popular answer. If the player who buzzed first gets the highest ranked response on the list their team can choose to PLAY or PASS the question. If the player who buzzed in first doesn’t get the highest ranked answer the competitor gets a chance to answer and steal control. The player with the highest ranked answer chooses to PLAY the question or PASS.

Players on the controlling team take turns guessing an answer. Each player has five seconds to answer and there is no conferring. If the team can guess all of the answers on the board they win the round and all the points revealed ; 100 points. If they fail to answer or give an incorrect answer they gain a STRIKE. Three STRIKES and the team loses control of the board and play passes to the opposing team.

Download and play today!

Example Pirate Feud Questions

Name something pirates take with them on their adventures.

  • Sword - 30
  • Treasure Map - 22
  • Crew - 17
  • Parrot - 9
  • Gun - 7
  • Compass - 6
  • Food - 5
  • Rum - 4

Besides a parrot name an animal a pirate might have as a pet.

  • Monkey - 30
  • Dog - 18
  • Cat - 17
  • Snake - 11
  • Rat - 9
  • Alligator - 7
  • Roach - 5
  • Fleas / Lice - 3

Name something that might hit a pirate on the head.

  • Coconut - 30
  • Parrot - 22
  • Bird Poop - 17
  • Cannon - 9
  • Sail - 7
  • Mast - 6
  • Another Pirate - 5
  • Bottle of Rum - 4

Download and play today!

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