Play Halloween Truth or Scare - The Fun Halloween Party Game for Kids!

This spooky season download this printable game of Halloween Truth or Scare, the fun party game for kids and families of all ages. Perform silly or spooky challenges and dares or reveal your darkest secrets with a truth. Let us teach you how to play and provide you with a fun list of Halloween truth or scare questions you can use at home this Halloween.

Play Halloween Truth or Scare - The Fun Halloween Party Game for Kids!

How to play Halloween Truth or Scare

Halloween Truth or Scare is a party game for groups - there is no winner, it is played for fun!

The player who the group decides has the spookiest costume should start. They must decide to play either, a truth or a scare and should draw a card from the corresponding bowl without looking. Cards cannot be exchanged. Players should take it in turns to draw a card until everyone has had the opportunity to play 5 cards each. Enjoying yourself? Great, keep playing!

The Blind Draw Variant

For a fun variant fold and mix all the cards together in a big bowl, or bag, without separating them. Each player should blind draw a card on their turn and can no longer decide if they want a truth or a scare card. Let fate decide!

Halloween Truth or Scare Cards

Here are few Halloween truth or dare cards you can use at home. To save yourself some time why not purchase our printable Halloween Truth or Scare game. Download, print and play in minutes. We'd be so grateful for the kind support of our store!

Halloween Truth Questions

  • Name a food you are too afraid to try.
  • Name a movie that made you scream.
  • Have you ever seen a ghost?
  • Do you believe in magic?
  • What is the scariest ghost story you know?

Halloween Scare Cards

  • Behave like a zombie and make yourself a snack.
  • Go outside and howl at the moon.
  • Dance for 2 minutes to the Monster Mash.
  • Eat a slice of lemon or lime.
  • Drink a liquid potion (mix of drinks) made by the group.

I hope these ideas will help provide an extra spooky and fun Halloween this year. We'd love to hear how you celebrate and the games that you enjoy. Do get it touch and leave us a comment below. Happy Halloween!

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