Play Eurovision Song Contest Bingo - Can You Spot These 25 Items?

Are you a Eurovision Song Contest fan? Yes! Me too :) It is one of the highlights of our year. To enjoy celebrating and watching at home we'd recommend printing off some Eurovision bingo cards and play Eurovision bingo, the fun party game for the whole family!

Play Eurovision Song Contest Bingo - Can You Spot These 25 Items?

Our printable Eurovision Bingo cards can be found below but if you want to make your own at home all you'll really need is some cards and a few pens.

Draw a grid on each card - we'd recommend 4x4 or 5x5 - and write a unique word or phrase in each box. You can use the same words for multiple cards just make sure they each have one, or two, unique items to prevent everyone yelling out 'Bingo' at the same time.

Give each player a unique card and a pen or dabber. Mark off each item when you see them on your screen. Play first to get one line, two lines and a full house - have fun!

Playing with adults? Turn this into a Eurovision drinking game by taking a sip when you cross one off, taking a shot when you get a line or by downing your drink for a full house!


25 Fun Eurovision Bingo Ideas

Here are 25 fun Eurovision themed ideas for your DIY bingo cards :

  1. Someone singing in their native language.
  2. An introduction video that features an animal.
  3. A smoke machine.
  4. An aerial shot of the stage.
  5. Someone playing the piano.
  6. A group with matching outfits.
  7. A wink at the camera.
  8. A costume change mid performance.
  9. Slow motion footage.
  10. Someone wearing all black.
  11. The United Kingdom is awarded 12 points.
  12. A host forgets their line.
  13. Interruption from audience.
  14. View of a commentator in their box.
  15. Someone wearing all red.
  16. Political booing.
  17. Last years winner.
  18. A multilingual song.
  19. Nonsensical lyrics.
  20. Feathers.
  21. A microphone problem.
  22. An over sized prop.
  23. Audience member waving a Pride flag.
  24. Singer lifted by dancers.
  25. The phrase 'I love you'.

Looking for more? Complete your Eurovision party with these fun Eurovision Song Contest Scoresheets!


We'd love to hear the ways you celebrate Eurovision at home - let us know in the comments below! Don't forget to pin this image so you can come back here again next year and keep having fun :)

Play Eurovision Song Contest Bingo - Can You Spot These 25 Items?

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