Play Christmas Trading Places - The Fun and Frantic Gift Exchange Game

This holiday season play our fun Christmas gift exchange - the perfect party game for groups! Christmas gift exchanges, also known as a yankee swap or a white elephant exchange, are always popular for the holidays. This year try a new twist on a classic and give our Christmas trading places gift exchange game a go! Let us teach you how to play.

Play Christmas Trading Places - The Fun and Frantic Gift Exchange

How to play Christmas Trading Places - The Gift Exchange Game

What is unique about this gift exchange game is the gifts stay in place and the players do the moving.

Place all the gifts in the centre of the group. Starting with the youngest, players take it in turns to pick a gift and sit back down. Strictly no opening, peaking or shaking of presents. Choose a player to be the host, they can participate in the exchange but will also be reading aloud to the group.

The host reads a statement, numbered from 1 - 20, aloud to the group. If the statement applies to you, you must stand up. All players standing should race to switch places with each other and sit down in a new spot and in front of a new gift. Remember no opening, peaking or shaking of presents.

If only one player stands for a question, instead of trading places they should open their gift and reveal it to the group. This adds a little added competition when racing and swapping gifts. Will the gift be in demand or be one to
be avoided next turn?

At the end of the game, and once all the statements have been read, unwrap the gift you are holding. This is your prize! Congratulations, hope it’s a good one.

 Ready to play? Download today.

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