Play Christmas Finish The Lyrics - The Quick Thinking and Singing Family Party Game!

This Christmas put your friends and family to the test and challenge them to a game of Christmas Lyrics Challenge. To play this quick thinking and singing party game you'll work in groups to complete song lyrics to popular Christmas songs and carols. Ready to play, and sing?

Play Christmas Finish The Lyrics - The Quick Thinking and Singing Family Party Game!

How to play Christmas Finish the Lyrics Game

Christmas Lyrics Challenge is a fun party game that the whole family can play and enjoy. Split yourself into equal teams, or play individually if you are feeling confident. The object of the game is to correctly finish the lyrics of popular Christmas songs or carols. There are two ways to play - let us teach you.

Game 1

The team with the player who is dressed the most festive starts. One player from the opposing team should draw a card and read the unfinished lyric aloud to the group - they should keep the card secret from their fellow teammates as bonus points may become available.

A 10 second timer is immediately started and the team should attempt to sing the missing lyrics within the time limit. If they succeed they earn 2 points. If they fail to sing the lyric the opposing team (minus the card read) has one opportunity to make a guess ; if they are successful they earn 1 bonus point.

Play 10 cards per teams ; the team with the most points at the end is the winner.

Game 2

A speed round, set the timer to 60 seconds. One card at a time is read aloud for the opposing group to answer, if they answer correctly another card is drawn. Keep going in this manner until the 60 seconds is up - teams cannot pass or discard a card. Count all the cards correctly answered, each is worth 2 points.

Each team should play 3 speed rounds - the highest number of points wins!

Ready to play? Let's start, can you finish these lyrics. Answers in the comments below.

"I don't want a lot for Christmas. There's just one thing I need ...."

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