Celebrate World Book Day with a fun game of book charades!

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Calling all bookworms! Celebrate World Book day and gather your family and friends together for a fun and family friendly game of book charades. Book charades is a fun group game the whole family can play with no limit to how many people can participate! The rules are easy and it can be played in minutes. Join us as we share 25 book charades idea you can use for your next party!

Celebrate World Book Day with a fun game of book charades!

How to play Book Charades

Divide your group into equal teams and give yourself a winning team name. To play charades each team should take it in turns for one person to draw a card and act - without talking - what is depicted on the card. Their teammates have 1 minute to correctly guess the card. Each card that your team can correctly guess is worth 1 point. If your team fails to correctly guess the card play passes to the opposing team ; they can confer and have an opportunity to steal the card from you.

Download and play Book Charades today!

25 Book Charade Ideas

Here are 25 book charades ideas for a fun and creative game. Simply write each one down on a slip of paper and mix them together in a bowl. Have a great time!

  1. Pride and Prejudice
  2. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  3. His Dark Materials
  4. Little Women
  5. The Handmaid's Tale
  6. Dracula
  7. Treasure Island
  8. Watership Down
  9. How to Kill Your Family
  10. The Beach
  11. Thief of Time
  12. The Color Purple
  13. The Midnight Library
  14. The Wind in the Willows
  15. Far from the Madding Crowd
  16. Catch-22
  17. Jurassic Park
  18. War and Peace
  19. Birdsong
  20. High Fidelity
  21. Skeleton Key
  22. Girls in Tears
  23. The Lord of the Rings
  24. Great Expectations
  25. Animal Farm

Download and play Book Charades today!

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