Play Along With Christmas Movie Bingo - Can You Spot These 25 Items?

This Christmas holiday start a new family tradition. Put on your favorite Christmas Hallmark movie, have a holiday movie marathon over a weekend or gather the kids and watch a classic they haven't seen. Christmas movie bingo is a fun printable party game for the whole family!

Play Along With Christmas Movie Bingo - Can You Spot These 25 Items?

Eyes peeled for a holiday inspired name, a holiday wish, two people that bump into each other, weather interfering with plans, someone mentions living in a small town, a matchmaker best friend, an almost kiss and more.

Our printable Christmas bingo cards can be found below but if you want to make your own at home all you'll need is some cards and a few pens. 

Draw a grid on each card - we'd recommend 4x4 or 5x5 - and write a unique word or phrase in each box. You can use the same words for multiple cards just make sure they each have one, or two, unique items to prevent everyone yelling out 'Bingo' at the same time.

Playing with adults? Turn this into a Christmas movie drinking game by taking a sip when you cross one off, taking a shot when you get a line or by downing your drink for a full house!

25 Christmas Movie Bingo Card Ideas - Can You Spot Them All?

Keeping your eyes peeled on the TV screen can you spot all the items below? Tick off each item as they happen. Why not make a list for each person at your party and offer a prize for the first to shout Christmas BINGO!

  1. City scene during opening credits.
  2. An eager dog.
  3. A holiday inspired name.
  4. Big city boyfriend shows up.
  5. Someone who has sworn off love.
  6. Two people bump into each other.
  7. A cosy fire.
  8. Someone mentions living in a small town.
  9. A chance encounter.
  10. A life lesson learned.
  11. A holiday wish.
  12. Weather interferes with plans.
  13. A sentimental gift.
  14. Multiple generations of a family.
  15. A Church or nativity scene.
  16. An almost kiss.
  17. Car trouble.
  18. A matchmaker best friend.
  19. Someone baking cookies.
  20. A scene at an office.
  21. Lead characters don't get on.
  22. Lack of Christmas spirit.
  23. Main character can't stay in town for long.
  24. Something clumsy happens.
  25. A travel problem.

Play Along With Christmas Movie Bingo - Can You Spot These 25 Items?

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