Play Along With Printable Oscars Bingo - Can You Spot These 25 Items?

Are you an Oscar fan? Hosting a party at home and looking for a new way to celebrate? We'd recommend printing off some Academy Award bingo cards and playing Oscars bingo, the fun printable party game for the whole family!

 Play Academy Award Oscar 2023 Bingo - Can You Spot These 25 Items?

Our printable Oscars bingo cards can be found below but if you want to make your own at home all you'll need is some cards and a few pens. 

Draw a grid on each card - we'd recommend 4x4 or 5x5 - and write a unique word or phrase in each box. You can use the same words for multiple cards just make sure they each have one, or two, unique items to prevent everyone yelling out 'Bingo' at the same time.

Playing with adults? Turn this into a Oscars drinking game by taking a sip when you cross one off, taking a shot when you get a line or by downing your drink for a full house!


25 Oscars Bingo Card Ideas - Can You Spot Them All?

Keeping your eyes peeled on the TV screen can you spot all the items below? Tick off each item as they happen. Why not make a list for each person at your party and offer a prize for the first to shout Oscars BINGO!

  1. Guest walks the wrong way off the stage.
  2. Wrap it up music plays.
  3. Someone mentions Meryl Streep.
  4. A winner with a name beginning with 'A'.
  5. Winner thanks over 10 people.
  6. A movie you haven't seen wins.
  7. Host jokes falls flat.
  8. Wink at the camera.
  9. Someone reading from a mobile phone.
  10. Someone too emotional to talk.
  11. Seductive look to camera.
  12. Presenter has trouble opening envelope.
  13. A foreign movie wins.
  14. A British movie star.
  15. Someone completes their EGOT.
  16. A forced smile to camera.
  17. A film with a one word title.
  18. A dance routine.
  19. A political statement.
  20. A fumbling speech.
  21. Someone helped up the stairs.
  22. Winner thanks the director.
  23. A movie star over 80 years old.
  24. Celebrity trying to stay awake.
  25. Wipe of a tear.

Play Academy Award Oscar Bingo - Can You Spot These 25 Items? 


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