Play 60 Second Winners - The 'Minute to Win It' Challenge Party Game!

Gather your family and friends and bring the excitement of a party game to your home with 60 Second Winners - the printable 'Minute to Win It' team game! Start a 60 second timer and compete in a variety of family friendly challenges from physical tasks, riddles, races, obstacle courses, word challenges and more! If you like fun, you'll love this!

Play 60 Second Winners - The Minute to Win It Style Challenge Party Game!

How to play 60 Second Winners

60 Second Winners is a hilarious group party game that is a great way to create an inclusive and interactive atmosphere. With its quick set up and easy rules you can print, purchase, and play in minutes. 36 fun 'Minute to Win It' team challenges to complete are included - you'll have enough materials to play four fun filled games! Perfect for family gatherings and parties!

Take it in turns to draw a card and read the instructions aloud to the group. Unless otherwise stated all teams play simultaneously.

Once a card has been played discard it, record the scores and draw another. Each game uses 9 challenge cards. At the end of 9 cards the team with the most points wins the game.

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Example Challenge Cards

FLOOR IS LAVA. Take it in turns for one player from each group, to race across the room without touching the floor. Every step on the lava (the floor) gets a 10 second penalty.

PAPER PLANES. As a team design and make a paper plane out of one sheet of paper. When 60 seconds are up stand in a line and fly them. The plane that travels the furthest distance wins.

LET'S HORSE AROUND.  Nominate a player from your team, give them a pencil and sheet of paper. They must draw as many animals beginning with the letter ‘A’ as possible. Each animal teammates can identify once the timer has ended scores 1 point.

RIDDLE ME THIS. You can find me in the road. Or in a warehouse lifting. More often than not there will be several of me in your kitchen. Can you find this item?

DEEPEST DISGUISE. All teams have 60 seconds to hide a player in the room.

POTATO RACES. Give each team a potato and create a race course from one end of the room to another. Teams must only use their noses to advance their potato forwards.

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