2 New and Original Ways To Play Friendly Feud At Your Next Family Gathering!

Friendly Feud is a game we've all played - whether it's along with the television at at home or with one of our best selling printable Friendly Feud games! It's about time we introduced some new favourites into the mix and offer you two new and original ways to play. Introducing Friendly Feud List Battle and Friendly Feud Top 10 - our long awaited reimaginings of the game. Join us as we introduce both family party games to you!

2 New and Original Ways To Play Friendly Feud At Your Next Family Gathering!

Our new games will have you working together in teams but in fun, new and exciting ways! First up - Friendly Feud 'Top 10'.

Friendly Feud 'Top 10' Game

Top 10 Friendly Feud is a fun team game of matching answers and knowing when to reveal them to score the most points possible.

Players should confer within their groups and record their Top 10 answers for each question. When ready, teams should take it in turns to read an answer aloud to the group, starting with the ones they feel the most confident about. If you reveal a correct Top 10 answer all teams with a matching answer score 1 point. If you call out an incorrect answer you are frozen out and can no longer score points, or reveal answers, for this question. Which answers will be lucky? Time it right and earn the most points for your team.

Friendly Feud 'List Battle' Game

This new 'Family Feud' reimagining sees teams competing to answer lists, wager points and strategically know when to challenge opponents to 'List Them'.

Can you name the animals that have been into space? The best selling music artists? The most visited landmarks in the world? What about the most common phobias? Or the tools found on a Swiss Army knife? Place your bets as a team and answer - careful if you get an answer wrong the opposing team could steal your points!

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