Take Young Children on a Nativity Hide and Seek Scavenger Hunt

Are you looking to introduce the Nativity to your younger children in a fun and approachable way? Take them on a fun hide and seek scavenger hunt around the house as they practise their reading skills and collect all the items required for a Nativity. Ready to play?

Take Young Children on a Nativity Hide and Seek Scavenger Hunt

This hide and seek Nativity scavenger hunt is perfect for younger children ages 4 - 6 and to help them practice their reading skills whilst introducing the Nativity to them in a relaxed way. Solve clues and find matching Nativity cards hidden in the house ; can they find all the elements of a good Nativity? 

This game used 10 common locations we can all find around the house ; from a bed, a favourite book, clock, mirror, a jacket and more. There is some flexibility so you'll be able to setup the game in a way that works for you and your home life.

Looking for more fun around the Nativity?

Try our Roll a Nativity Christmas dice game. All you need to play is two standard six sided dice and some crayons. This Roll a Nativity game is perfect for celebrating Advent at home, at Church with friends, school or elsewhere. On your turn roll two dice, add up the total and draw an item to complete your nativity scene ; first to complete all the items and their drawing wins.

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