Moves Like Santa - Exercise Advent Cards To Keep Moving Till Christmas!

We all know regular physical activity is important for growing kids, and adults - even in December. To counteract the mince pies, treats and candy add these printable exercise Advent activity cards to your home made calendars and add a little unexpected fun, and movement, to each day and the countdown to Christmas.

Moves Like Santa - Exercise Advent Cards To Keep Moving Till Christmas!

Countdown to Christmas with Exercise Advent Cards

Add a card, or two, to each day of your Advent calendar and dictate a fun activity that needs to be completed. From squats, burpees, jumping jacks, stretching, walking, cycling and more. These small prompt cards are the perfect way to encourage movement in the darker and colder months as well as providing a bit of jeopardy with what to expect for tomorrow.

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Here are a few examples of the cards you'll find inside :

  • 50 jumping jacks.
  • 20 minutes of stretching.
  • 45 second squat hold.
  • 15 minutes run.
  • 40 squats.
  • 40 reverse lunges.
  • 30 minute cycle ride.
  • 50 second mountain climbers.
  • 15 star jumps.
  • 45 second plank jacks.
  • 60 seconds quick feet running.
  • 20 minute swim.
  • 20 minutes of yoga.
  • 5 minutes boxing.
  • 25 toe crunches.

And more ....

Give yourself permission to have that extra Christmas cookie and do a little exercise with these original fitness Advent cards!

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