Make Lent Meaningful for Your Children with These Prayer Prompts

Lent is a special time of reflection and preparation for Christians around the world. It is a season of self-examination, repentance, and spiritual growth. For children, it can be challenging to fully understand the significance of Lent and actively participate in this important time. That's why we have created a simple and enjoyable Lenten activity for children: prayer prompt cards.

Make Lent Meaningful for Your Children with These Prayer Prompts

What are prayer prompt cards?

Prayer prompt cards are a set of simple cards, each offering a prayer prompt for each day of Lent. These prompts are designed to help children focus their thoughts and prayers during this holy season. The cards can be cut out and mixed together in a jar or bowl. Each day, the child can draw one card and use the prompt to guide their prayer.

How does it work?

It's easy! Start by printing out the prayer prompt cards. Cut out each card and mix them together in a jar or bowl. Place the jar or bowl in a visible and accessible spot in your home, such as the kitchen table or a family prayer corner.

Each day, encourage your child to draw one card from the jar or bowl. Read the prayer prompt together and discuss what it means. Then, invite your child to say a prayer based on the prompt. It can be a simple prayer or a longer reflection, depending on your child's age and understanding.

Why is it important?

This simple activity offers several benefits for children during Lent. First and foremost, it helps them develop a habit of daily prayer. By setting aside a few minutes each day to pray, children learn to connect with God and deepen their relationship with Him.

Secondly, the prayer prompt cards provide a structure for children's prayers. Sometimes, it can be challenging for children to know what to pray for or how to express their thoughts and feelings. The prompts offer specific topics or themes to guide their prayers, making it easier for them to engage in meaningful conversation with God.

Make it a family activity

Praying together as a family is a beautiful way to strengthen your bond and grow in faith. Consider making the prayer prompt cards a family activity. Gather around the jar or bowl each day and take turns drawing a card. Share your prayers and reflections with one another, creating a space for open and honest conversation about your faith.

Remember, the goal of this activity is not perfection or completing every single prompt. It's about creating a space for your child to engage with God and grow spiritually during Lent. Encourage them to be open and honest in their prayers, and remind them that God loves them unconditionally.

So, this Lent, let's embark on a journey of prayer with our children. Let's create a daily habit of conversation with God and guide them in their spiritual growth. Together, let's make this Lenten season a time of reflection, joy, and deepening faith.

Make Lent Meaningful for Your Children with These Prayer Prompts

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