Learn to Play USA Jeoparty! Wager points and outsmart opponents!

Wager points, answer questions and outsmart opponents in USA Jeoparty!

This 4th of July, family party or game night gather your friends and family and play a game of United States Jeoparty!  The fun and fast paced trivia quiz for all the family. Inspired by the popular TV gameshow, Jeopardy, players work together in teams to answer questions, wager points and outsmart their opponents. Join us as we teach you how to play and share some of our favorite USA trivia quiz questions below.

How to play USA Jeoparty!

If you have seen and enjoyed the TV show Jeopardy then you already known this trivia quiz game is brilliant fun. Let me teach you how to play our version, or just remind you of the rules.

This game requires one player to act as a host and oversee the game ; it will be their very important job to read the questions and award points. Choose your host and split the remaining players into (up-to) four teams. Give yourself a winning team name and limber up those brain cells.

A flip of a coin determines the starting team, they chose the first category and point value on the board. The host reads the chosen question aloud and all teams race to answer with their buzzers. If a team answers the question correctly they earn the associated points on the board and gets to choose the next spot to play.

If the team answer incorrectly deduct the points from their total (minus numbers if necessary) and play passes to another team to buzz in and answer.

Example USA Jeoparty Board. Learn to Play USA Jeoparty! Wager points and outsmart opponents!

Game twist! If a team land on a DAILY DOUBLE question (there are three available in each game) only they have the opportunity to play the question. They should choose how many points (from their current total) to wager before the question is read. If they answer correctly they score the designated number of points wagered. If they get it wrong the amount gets deducted from their total.

Continue until the whole game board has been played.

The Final Round!

The final Jeoparty round gives the teams one last opportunity to wager, earn points and win the game. The five final round categories are read aloud and the team with the fewest points chooses the category that will be played by everyone.

Each team decides how many points (from their current total) to wager and records it down on a piece of paper. The question is read aloud, all teams have 30 seconds to confer and write their final answer down. When the time is up all answers are revealed. Teams who answered correctly earn the point wagered, teams who got it wrong have the points deducted instead.

The team with the most points wins!

Example USA Jeoparty Questions!

How many of these questions can you answer correctly? Answers below.

  1. How many stripes are there on the United States flag?
  2. From which musical does the song "America" come from?
  3. Which president made Christmas a national holiday?
  4. Who was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for his role in the 1989 movie ‘Born on the Fourth of July"?
  5. What is the only native North American marsupial?
  6. Statistically one in eight people in the United States have been employed by which company?
  7. You are wealthier than 15% of all American citizens if you have no debt and which bill in your wallet?
  8. Where is there an American flag that has not been lowered since 1969?

USA Jeoparty Answers!

  1. 13
  2. West Side Story
  3. Ulysses S. Grant
  4. Tom Cruise
  5. The opossum
  6. McDonalds
  7. $10 bill
  8. On the moon
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