Learn to Play Christmas Categories - The Challenging Party Game for Groups

This Christmas challenge friends and family to a challenging party game of categories. Can you correctly guess the Christmas category in as few clues as possible, scoring you the most points for you team? Let us teach you how to play!

 Learn to Play Christmas Categories - The Challenging Party Game for Groups

How to Play Christmas Categories

To play, one player should draw a card (keeping it private from their teammates and read aloud, and in order, the 5 answers to the opposing team. Allow 5 seconds in between answers to give players a chance to confer, buzz in and guess. If the team buzzes in and correctly guesses the Christmas category they score the associated number of points, depending on how many clues they required, and the card is discarded.

If the team buzzes in and gives an incorrect answer they lose one life. Lose two lives and they are frozen out of the card. Play passes to the remaining players in the other team however no more clues are provided. They have one opportunity to guess and will score a bonus 1 point if they answer correctly and steal the card.

Here's an example card :

Christmas Categories

    • If you correctly answer after just one clue you score the full 5 points.
    • If you require 2 clues you score 4 points, 3 clues 3 points etc.
    • Two incorrect guesses and you are frozen out. An opportunity to steal is passed to the opposing team.

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Ready for a go?

Can you guess the Christmas Category? Scroll down slowly and try to guess it in as few clues as possible.


5 points - Snowball


4 points - Mulled wine


3 points - Buck's fizz


2 points - Eggnog


1 point - Hot chocolate


The category is of course Christmas drinks. Did you get it? Let us know in the comments below.

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