Learn How to Play Blankety Blank At Home

To celebrate the release of our new Christmas Blankety Blank game in store I'd love to teach you how to play this fun family game that we always come back to! The perfect game for a Christmas party, a family reunion or more!

Blankety Blank is a game of blanks. The object of the game is to match your answer with as many of the other players on your team as possible and score the most points. Join us as I teach you how to play this fast and fun party family game!


 Learn How to Play Blankety Blank At Home


How to play Blankety Blank at home :

Our Blankety Blank game is a team game. You'll play a set number of rounds and at the end of the game the team with the most points wins. Sound like fun? It is!

To understand the rules of the game let's start with an example card. Remember, the object of the game is to match your answers with as many others as possible. Try not to think outside the box, but inside it! 

If I was to read the following card how might you answer?

My partner cooks for me every night. It's not that I don't appreciate the effort but i wish they knew how to turn the BLANK on.

You have 30 seconds to write down your answer. What word would you use to fill in the blank? - Oven, stove, microwave? Each answer that matches another player on your team scores 10 points.

Three of your teammates answered Oven like you did? Great - 30 points for your team. You are off to a great start. 

Play passes to the other team to read a question and respond.



Super Match Round

After every round each team plays a Super Match Round card. The aim of the Super Match game is to match a top 3 answer with your team. The highest answer you match scores you the most points.

These clues are slightly different, here's another example for you :


How would you answer - Home ALONE? Home BREW? Home COOKING?

Your team have 1 minute to confer and write down their top three answers. Each answer, if matched, is worth a series of points. The answer the team mark as their top answer is worth 150 points, middle answer 100 points and bottom answer 50 points.

If you can correctly match an answer your team win the points, if not you score nothing.


Game End

Play four rounds in total. The team with the most points is declared the winner! Fancy a rematch?


Example Blankety Blank Cards

Writing cards can be as much fun as playing. Try to use funny anecdotes, jobs or stories. Here are a few example cards for you to play with your loved ones and to give you the idea.

Of course if you aren't feeling creative our Blankety Blank printable game are available to purchase and download in store!


Example Blankety Blank Cards


I'd love to hear about games you enjoy playing as a family at Christmas time - leave us a comment below. 

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