Promote Thoughtfulness with Kindness Advent Cards for Kids

It's easy at Christmas to get distracted and forget about what really matters during the holiday ; to be kind, give, spread cheer and joy to others. This Christmas encourage little ones to be more thoughtful with these unique kindness Advent calendar cards.

Promote Thoughtfulness with Kindness Advent Cards for Kids

Pop one or two in your calendar each day and enjoy the activity or task. A collection of 48 different cards - all you need is some scissors! Even easier these cards are available to download, print and play immediately.

Here are some of our favourite Kindness Advent cards ideas.

1. Start a food donation box - when it is full donate it to your local food bank.

2. Help someone with a chore without being asked.

3. Pick up litter in your community.

4. Bake Christmas cookies and gift them to friends and family.

5. Donate pet supplies to your local shelter.

6. Visit an elderly relative or friend in your community.

7. Design a poster for your window that wishes everyone a very happy holiday.

8. Write a list of things you love about your family and share it with them.

9. Start a gratitude jar. Every day write something you are grateful for.

10. Fold and tidy your clothes away.


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